Patentierte Herstellung Natürliche Inhaltsstoffe
GladiatorPLUS Senior Dog

GladiatorPLUS Senior Dog

The milieufeeding for senior dogs.

The GladiatorPLUS Milieufeeding for senior dogs

The intelligent feeding concept for lasting vitality and enjoyment of life.

The dog body is awesome. In a complex interplay, he works every day to keep himself healthy and productive. The heroes in this system: a busy working group of organs, tissues and cells.

The problem: everyday stress. External influences can influence the body environment, the supply of nutrients and the body's own health. However, the employees of the organism can only perform optimally if the dog's body is vital and unencumbered and the body environment is in balance.

The body environment can be imagined like a backpack. Every living being wears it from birth. At some point the backpack is full and even the slightest additional negative impact can make it too heavy and maybe tear. The body feels the same, it can no longer compensate.

Help for self-help - with the milieu feeding. The idea of ​​milieu feeding is to help the body in interaction with a dog-friendly posture to empty the backpack itself again and again so that it does not become too heavy in the first place. The proven natural substances specifically support the organs that are important to health, so that the senior dog's body can keep itself healthy with the right feeding.

Small amount - great value

How can we support your senior dog?

Calm and balanced through balanced feeding
Strengthening resistance through propolis
Feed upgrading for regeneration and performance
Shiny fur thanks to silicon-containing silica
Vitality and enjoyment of life through strong ginseng
Keeping the immune system healthy through antioxidants
Optimal bioavailability and feed utilization
Milk thistle supports the liver
Natural intestinal care through secondary plant substances

Power from nature

  • Ginseng
    Roots of Chinese Medicine

    Ginseng is a medicinal plant that is thousands of years old. In Chinese medicine, the root is considered a strengthening agent for the entire body. Among other things, the adaptogenic properties of ginseng, which is said to help the body to cope better with stress and numerous negative environmental influences, have been researched. Ginseng strengthens body and mind - for more vitality in all situations.

  • Propolis
    Bee Super Cloth

    Far more than 100 ingredients have been identified in Propolis, including valuable amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and flavonoids. Especially in naturopathy, the super substance of the bees is used as a natural remedy against viruses, bacteria and fungi. A supporter of the immune system for more resistance!

  • Silicic Acid

    Silicic acid is an important component of almost every cell in the body. If there is a lack of this elementary substance, this is particularly evident in the fast-growing cells such as skin, hair and horn. Silicic acid therefore supports hooves, skin and connective tissue and ensures a shiny coat.

  • Artichoke
    Hard shell, healthy core

    The artichoke was valued by the ancient Egyptians for its beneficial effects on digestion and the liver. Artichokes are also rich in minerals and valuable trace elements such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and manganese.

  • Milk Thistle
    Guardian Angel of the Liver

    Traditionally, milk thistle is used to support the liver and digestion. The silymarin contained in milk thistles is of particular importance. A plant made for natural detoxification!

  • Beetroot
    The Power Tuber

    Beets are a true superfood. The deep red tuber is rich in minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and iron as well as vitamins from the B group, vitamin C and folic acid. Valuable for digestion, cell strength and the immune system.

  • Blueberry
    Small but strong

    The blueberry is rich in valuable antioxidants and, as a powerful radical scavenger, is valuable for the entire body.

  • Turmeric
    Indian Gold

    Turmeric is indispensable in Ayurvedic medicine. Indian gold contains, among other things, curcumin, which is said to have anti-inflammatory properties. Digestive qualities are also attributed to turmeric.

Nature as source of strength

Ingredients that the body would choose itself

"A lot rarely helps a lot because the combination decides on the effectiveness ..."

Dr. Hans Martin Steingassner

Nature is an ingenious problem solver. It has a clear goal - to promote and preserve life. This power is in GladiatorPLUS. With propolis, ginseng, milk thistle, silica, beetroot and artichoke, GladiatorPLUS contains ingenious natural products of the highest quality, many times proven in practice. Another decisive factor is the combination of the special ingredients. This is well thought out down to the last detail and precisely dosed. GladiatorPLUS only contains what really makes sense. That is the best natural knowledge in a product.


Propolis suspension (12%), beetroot juice (equivalent to 80g/kg beetroot), artichoke juice (equivalent to 80g/kg artichoke), green-lipped mussel extract (Perna canaliculus), chlorella algae, lecithin, additives : Sensory additives: ginseng extract (10%), milk thistle extract (12%), blueberry tincture, turmeric root extract, technological additives: binding agent: silica (1.5%), stabilizer: gum arabic, analytical components: crude ash: 2%, crude fat: 0.6% Crude protein: 0.9% Crude fiber: 0.3% Moisture: 78% Sodium: < 0.1%, phosphorus: < 0.1%, Calcium: 0.2%, Sugar-free

Shelf life:
The shelf life is set at 2 years from the date of manufacture. The opened bottle should be used within approx. 3 months when stored in a cool and dark place, but not in the refrigerator.

Quality and Guarantee

100% tested and sustainable

GladiatorPLUS is produced in excellent food quality and regularly checked by an independent institute.

Natural Ingredients
Swiss Formula

What makes GladiatorPLUS Milieufeeding unique

100% water soluble and highly bioavailable

The patented manufacturing process

Propolis, milk thistle and ginseng are not completely water-soluble in the "raw state" and therefore often remain ineffective in feeding. The patented GladiatorPLUS special process makes it possible to make these proven natural substances water-soluble and thus highly bioavailable. One speaks of a high bioavailability when ingredients go directly into the system and can be used by the body. It is not the amount of feeding that decides, but the amount that is absorbed by the body.


100% wasserlöslich und bioverfügbar

natürlich, effektiv, zuverlässig
natürlich, effektiv, zuverlässig

Use the GladiatorPLUS milieu feeding correctly

Instructions for use

Bring vitality to a new level

Vitalität auf ein neues Level bringen

40-day intensive feeding

At the beginning (or after a longer break) GladiatorPLUS is fed daily as a 40-day intensive feed. The aim of these first 40 days is to keep the body environment of your dog in balance through the environment feeding in connection with dog-friendly attitude and feeding, to maintain the intestinal health, to support the immune system and to accompany the natural body drainage.

If necessary: ​​extend intensive feeding

If the desired feeding success has not yet been achieved after 40 days of intensive feeding, or if your dog has many or long-lasting nutritional problems, you can extend this phase for a further 10 to 40 days. We would be happy to advise you individually and free of charge.

Maintain health level permanently

Gesundheitslevel dauerhaft erhalten

Maintenance feeding 3 times a week

After intensive feeding, you feed GladiatorPLUS only 3 times a week - permanently throughout the year. The aim of maintenance feeding is to keep the body environment of your dog in balance and to maintain its natural health level with minimal, positive impulses in feeding and husbandry.

If necessary: ​​load feeding

In the case of special challenges, we recommend that you feed your dog the GladiatorPLUS Milieu Feeding every day. In the case of longer transport, worming or vaccination, for example, a daily dose 5 days before to 5 days after exposure can be very useful. When changing fur, daily feeding for four to six weeks from early spring or late summer has proven to be effective.

Feeding recommendation

How to calculate the daily feeding amount:

Body weight in kg x 0.5 ml = daily amount in ml.

This is ideally divided into two gifts.


20 kg senior dog x 0.5 ml = 10 ml daily

(or 5 ml twice a day).

GladiatorPLUS is given with the food and should be individually adapted to your senior dog as required. It does not replace a barf addition.

For senior dogs, we recommend creeping feeding according to the instruction leaflet