Anja und Hacky Plath, blacksmith

„ A healthy horse needs healthy hoofs. As orthopeadic blacksmith we consider the horse holistically.  Only a healthy horse is able to show joy in moving. We are using GladiatorPLUS with great success. Our customers are thrilled.“

„In our work we try to find possibilities to enable the horse to walk good and healthy. We always consider the horse holistically, not only its hooves. Our attitude is - we never know enough - and so we educate ourselves further. We attend in international congresses and meetings for veterinaries, blacksmith and natural health practitioners for animals and exchange experience and learn new things. Through experience abroad, in USA, Austria and Spain, we constantly broaden our horizons. This is how we became aware of GladiatorPLUS. We are enthusiastic and like to recommend GladiatorPLUS with a good conscience.

- Anja und Hacky Plath, certified orthopaedic blacksmith and alternative animal health practitioners with focus on horses


Anja und Hacky Plath
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