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The Animal-Welfare-Project / The Bee-Project

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It is important to us that nature, humans and animals live in the best possible harmony with each other and for each other. According to the principle of mutual help, two projects are particularly important to us.

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Support for animal shelters and animal protection organization

We support animals that are not on the sunny side of life. GladiatorPLUS has been supporting animals in need at selected animal shelters and organizations with advice and products since 2012.

Tierschutz Projekt

Research to protect bees

Research to protect bees with the HoBOS project at the University of Würzburg Only high-quality propolis is used for GladiatorPLUS - from bees that have a hive at a minimum height of 1,200 meters or live in nature reserves. The propolis contained in GladiatorPLUS is guaranteed free of harmful substances and free of pesticides.


The health experts at GladiatorPLUS are actively committed to bees and the sustainable use of propolis. GladiatorPLUS AG is one of the largest sponsors of HOneyBee Online Studies (HOBOS) at the Julius Maximilians University in Würzburg.

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Tautz developed HOBOS as an interactive, transnational teaching project to research the behavior of bees - with the goal of sustainable and intelligent use of our biosphere. HOBOS is a so far unique project that has received multiple awards. Read more at: