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The milieufeeding for pets

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Not countless different products, but one effective solution:

The GladiatorPLUS milieufeeding for pets is a well thought-out feeding concept. The selected and specially prepared ingredients are designed to effectively maintain and support the organs that are important for health, the body milieu, the metabolism and the immune system of the pet. GladiatorPLUS provides precise impulses so that the organism can get the most out of its potential even under stress. The GladiatorPLUS milieufeeding is helping the body to help itself - for a pet that is able to keep itself healthy, vital and satisfied.

A highly effective and optimal bioavailable liquid feed supplement for:

  • Immune system
  • Liver and bowel care
  • Feed efficiency
  • Regeneration and motivation
  • Enjoyment of life

GladiatorPLUS Pet

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The GladiatorPLUS milieufeeding for pets

The intelligent feeding concept for lasting health and enjoyment of life.

The body of a pet is awesome. In a complex interplay, he works every day to keep himself healthy and productive. He can do this better than any medication - if he is vital and unencumbered.

But pets face challenges every day. Negative influences such as environmental pollution, stress and errors in feeding and keeping can strain the organism and unbalance the bodymilieu - nutrient supply and the body's own health are challenged.

The bodymilieu can be thought of as a backpack. Every living being carries it from birth. At some point the backpack will be full and even the slightest additional negative influence will make it too heavy and maybe tear it. The body feels the same, it can no longer compensate.

The solution: Helping body to help itself - with milieufeeding. The goal of milieufeeding is to help the body to empty the backpack again and again so as not to make it too heavy. The proven natural substances specifically support the organs that are important for health so that the pet's body can keep itself healthy.

Milieufeeding simply explained in 90 sec.

Small amount - great value

How can we support your pet?

Nature as source of strength

Ingredients that the body would choose itself

strength from nature.

  • Ginseng


    • adaptogen
    • blood circulation
    • detoxification promoting
    • improves oxygen supply
    • accelerates regeneration
    • increases mental performance and attention
    • Immune stimulation and increased defense against infections
    • promotes cell-to-cell communication

    General nutritional characteristics

  • Propolis


    • antibacterial
    • antiviral
    • fungicide
    • immunostimulatory
    • soothing
    • anti-inflammatory
    • wound healing

    General nutritional characteristics

  • silica


    • important building block for skin, hair, connective tissue, bones and nails (hoof)
    • Strengthening the blood vessels

    General nutritional characteristics

  • artichoke


    • lowers blood lipid levels
    • protects the liver
    • has an anti-inflammatory effect
    • digestive effect

    General nutritional characteristics

  • Milk thistle

    Milk thistle

    • detoxifying by shielding the liver cells from cell toxins
    • regenerative for the liver cells
    • antioxidant
    • radical scavengers

    General nutritional characteristics

  • Beetroot


    • blood purifying effect
    • strengthens the immune system
    • activates cellular respiration
    • has a digestive effect

    General nutritional characteristics

„A lot rarely helps a lot because the combination decides on the effectiveness ...“
- Dr. Hans Martin Steingassner

Nature is an ingenious problem solver. It has a clear goal - to promote and preserve life. This power is in GladiatorPLUS. With propolis, ginseng, milk thistle, silica, beetroot and artichoke, GladiatorPLUS contains ingenious natural products of the highest quality, many times proven in practice. Another decisive factor is the combination of the special ingredients. This is well thought out down to the last detail and precisely dosed. GladiatorPLUS only contains what really makes sense. That is the best natural knowledge in a product.

Quality and guarantee

  • Swiss Formula
  • Natural Ingredients

100% tested and sustainable

GladiatorPLUS is produced in excellent food quality and is regularly checked by an independent institute.


What makes GladiatorPLUS unique

100% water soluble and highly bioavailable

The patented manufacturing process

Propolis, milk thistle and ginseng are not completely water-soluble in the "raw state" and therefore often remain ineffective in feeding. The patented GladiatorPLUS special process makes it possible to make these proven natural substances water-soluble and thus highly bioavailable. One speaks of a high bioavailability when ingredients go directly into the system and can be used by the body. It is not the amount of feeding that decides, but the amount that is absorbed by the body.

  • Das patentierte Herstellungsverfahren
  • Das patentierte Herstellungsverfahren



Use the GladiatorPLUS milieufeeding correctly


Lasting health does not happen by chance, it is the result of the best possible feeding and keeping. With the milieufeeding, GladiatorPLUS has developed a completely new feeding concept. The concept is based on the scientific knowledge that the body milieu influences all organs and processes of the organism. The goal of milieufeeding is to create optimal conditions here so that the animal's body can take itself to a new level.


Take health to a new level*

To hold this new level, switch to maintenance feeding immediately afterwards.

Maintain new health level permanently*

Sonnenpflege für Haut und Haar

Start 40-day intensive feeding with GladiatorPLUS now

To begin with: GladiatorPLUS is fed daily as a 40-day intensive feed when it is fed for the first time (or after a long break). The aim in this important phase is to set the organism and body milieu to a new level, to maintain intestinal health, to support the immune system and to accompany the natural body drainage. An extension of this phase is possible depending on the condition of your pet. Intensive feeding is the preparation for the subsequent maintenance feeding.

3 times a week permanent maintenance feeding with GladiatorPLUS

GladiatorPLUS is fed 3 times a week throughout the year. The maintenance feeding follows immediately after the 40-day intensive feeding and represents the actual and permanent GladiatorPLUS Millie feeding. The aim is to permanently maintain the new health level and the optimal condition of the inner body milieu with minimal impulses and to help the body to protect itself from the outside To optimize influences.

If necessary: ​​extension of intensive feeding.

We recommend extending intensive feeding by 10-40 days, especially for pets with long-lasting and many health deficits. Ultimately, only one thing is decisive for an extension of intensive feeding: the condition of your pet after the first 40 days. You are welcome to use the individual telephone advice here to go the best possible way for your pet.

If necessary: ​​the stress feeding.

It is always useful when your pets body has to withstand special loads. For example, when changing fur, after worming, antibiotic treatments or in times of great physical or psychological challenge. In the event of these one-time stresses, we recommend preparing the organism for 5 days and supporting it up to 5 days after the stress phase. When changing fur, 4-6 weeks of daily stress feeding turned out to be optimal.

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Feeding recommendation

GladiatorPLUS pet should be adapted to your animal individually and as needed. The recommended daily amount can be found in our feeding table and is ideally divided into two doses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions

  • What is special about GladiatorPLUS?

    GladiatorPLUS offers a combination of recognized active ingredients, plant extracts, resins and physiologically valuable components that have been ideally coordinated in three decades of laboratory research. They are brought into a water-soluble dosage form that is ideal for absorption into the organism.

    That means: GladiatorPLUS and its high-quality and high-energy ingredients in organic quality actually arrive in the metabolism of your animal and can lead to the desired feeding success.

  • Why is GladiatorPLUS so versatile?

    The quality of life and health of an animal is causally related to its feeding, keeping and movement. The intactness and activity of the intestinal flora also play a special role. If it is damaged, it offers pathogens such as bacteria and viruses an ideal entry point into the organism. Even for Paracelsus, the intestine was considered the center of well-being, and modern medicine also has no doubt that it is largely responsible for health: 80 percent of the immune system is in the intestine. The intestinal milieu can be consistently cared for with the support of valuable natural substances and the long-term stability and performance of the animal can be maintained. In many cases, GladiatorPLUS is a reliable companion in feeding, especially when deficiency conditions are to be compensated for in a targeted manner. In this way, the ingredients strengthen and vitalize quickly and reliably, even with small, highly concentrated quantities. Due to its universal application, its easy feeding and its good acceptance of the animals, veterinarians and therapists are happy to recommend GladiatorPLUS.

  • Can side effects occur?

    So far, animal owners, veterinarians and therapists have not reported any negative effects after feeding GladiatorPLUS. If you notice a corresponding reaction, please inform us immediately. In the event of any hypersensitivity or known allergies to one or more of the ingredients contained in the feed, please consult your veterinarian or therapist before feeding.

  • How does the GladiatorPLUS price come about?

    It was our intention from the start to create and offer the best possible - and not the cheapest - product. All ingredients are therefore sourced exclusively in the best food and pharmaceutical quality and subjected to extensive cleaning processes, for example to prevent exposure to pesticides.

    And last but not least, we also hope to satisfy you with our quality of service. It is our concern to inform about health issues - also beyond the sale of GladiatorPLUS products.

  • How long will GladiatorPLUS last?
    The expiry date is set at 2 years after the date of manufacture. The opened bottle should be used within 3 months in cool and dark storage, but not in the refrigerator.
  • Is GladiatorPLUS doping free?

    We confirm that the product with the name GladiatorPLUS - liquid feed supplement - according to the list of ingredients available to us and the notification that the herbal ingredients are all in the physiological range, does not form part of the currently valid list of prohibited substances of the World Anti Doping Agency contains.

    In general, however, a 48-hour waiting period applies to feed supplements that stimulate the metabolism and circulation. Individual substances that stimulate the metabolism (herbs, plants) may not exceed a percentage of 0.5% of the daily ration. GladiatorPLUS occupies a special position here by feeding very small quantities. The percentage of the daily feed ration of 25 ml GladiatorPLUS is in most cases well below 1%. Thus, the proportion of all ingredients contained is less than 0.5% percent of the daily feed ration. It is our concern to keep and support animals in stressful situations through targeted nutrient intake.

    We therefore recommend you as the manufacturer: In case of doubt, please observe a waiting period of 48 hours. However, we are not aware of any positive doping tests. July 20, 2019, Dr. rer. Nat. Ernst Miller, State Certified Food Chemist, Member of UMI GmbH

  • Is GladiatorPLUS a drug?


    No, GladiatorPLUS is explicitly not a drug, even if numerous veterinarians and therapists recommend it. GladiatorPLUS is a feed supplement for animals.

  • How is GladiatorPLUS compatible with other drugs?

    GladiatorPLUS can be fed all year round. GladiatorPLUS is suitable as an additional feed at the same time as other agents and feed additives.

  • What are the ingredients of GladiatorPLUS?

    GladiatorPLUS contains ginseng, propolis, raw lecithin, beetroot, milk thistle, artichoke, natural apple aroma, silica.

    GladiatorPLUS contains secondary plant substances of the best quality thanks to its high-quality plant components.

    "GladiatorPLUS is unique on the market and offers the best quality in a meaningful combination," says Dr. Hans Martin Steingassner, veterinarian.

  • What are phytochemicals in feeding and nutrition?

    In 1996, the Federal Government's nutrition report officially announced that so-called phytochemicals should be part of the diet because they have a positive impact on the entire immune system and support the body in the fight against infections with bacteria, viruses and fungicidal.

    Phytonutrients are chemical compounds that are synthesized by plants. In the meantime, 60,000 to 100,000 different substances have been discovered, especially in herbs, spices and roots. They serve the plants as the only possible defense strategy against predators such as pathogens, fungi and insects. Some phytochemicals protect plants from radiation and evaporation.

    In contrast to the primary plant substances such as carbohydrates, fats, protein and fibers, the secondary plant substances in the diet do not serve to supply energy. They are also not considered vitamins or minerals. However, they do support the animal so that it can better convert the energy available through primary plant substances. A deficiency affects well-being and can weaken well-being. For this reason, it is important to ensure an adequate supply of phytochemicals in a modern, scientifically thought-out animal diet.

  • What is ginseng?

    Ginseng, also called the "root of life", is probably the most widely used herbal dietary supplement worldwide and has a millennia-old tradition, especially in Asia.

    It is generally known that ginseng has a strengthening and vitalizing effect, promotes strength and energy development, as well as the immune system, which improves concentration and memory. It promotes blood circulation and thus improves oxygen absorption and accelerates regeneration. Ginseng is highly bioavailable in water-solubilized form.

    Ginseng has already been mentioned in 1080 as a medicinal and nutrient. Wild ginseng grows so slowly in shady forests that it can be harvested after 3 years at the earliest. The older the plant gets, the more valuable it is. The highest quality ginseng is only harvested at six to seven years. We only use ginseng roots of the highest quality and ripeness.

    Properties of ginseng

    Adaptogenic effect
    Ginseng are shown to have adaptogenic (balancing) properties. This means that it can help psychologically and physically adapt the body to different stress factors. The animal is supported in finding its balance again - functional impairments are improved and overfunctions are reduced.

    Ginseng strengthens the cardiovascular system, improves blood circulation and regulates blood pressure. By increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood, it supports the infection defense and regeneration ability of the animal.

    Ginseng can have a positive effect on the metabolic processes by promoting the vitality and mobility of the stomach and intestines as well as natural detoxification.

    Ginseng supports the body in a variety of ways, so that it can make optimal use of its self-healing powers and is able to protect itself against stressful influences from outside

    Possible consequences of glycoside and saponin deficiency
    A lack of glycosides in the body, such as ginsenoids in particular, can lead to nervous problems (stress), muscle tension, cramps and even pain. But motor coordination can also be disturbed, which can show problems with intestinal peristalsis and thus with feed conversion.

    The saponins contained in ginseng support natural physical detoxification. A defect can include reduce inflammation reduction in the body. A sufficient supply of saponins can explain many other positive reactions of the body, since a good body's own detoxification potential is the key to well-being and quality of life.

  • What is propolis?

    Propolis origin & effects
    Propolis is made by bees from buds and the bark of various plants and is used with skill: they use this resinous substance to seal their warm, moist sticks and keep them germ and fungus free. Bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms that have already penetrated are inhibited in their development by propolis and at best killed. Because of this mode of action, propolis has been used as a natural antibiotic since the earliest times.

    What makes propolis an ideal part of the dietary supplement for your animal?
    The excellent composition of valuable natural substances in combination with antioxidative phenolic compounds makes propolis a real jewel in nutritional supplements. Propolis is naturally fat-soluble and can be made water-soluble by a special process called solubilization. So it is available to the body reliably and quickly - highly bioavailable - and quickly gets into the metabolism.

    Propolis as an all-rounder for all situations
    Through its positive influence on the intestine, the immune system is supported in doing its job even better. In this way, the body can consistently defend itself against pathogens. However, if these have already caused damage, propolis acts as a reliable companion during the regeneration process because of its pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effects.

  • What is silica?

    Silica (silicon) is one of the trace elements in nutrition - although it is one of the most abundant elements on earth.

    Silicon is localized in bones, cartilages, teeth, hair and horn, but has the greatest importance for the suppleness and tear resistance of the connective tissue, tendons and ligaments.

    In connective tissue, it has the task of improving the moisture storage capacity and supporting the formation of collagen. Silicon therefore plays a major role in bone and cartilage formation as well as in the regeneration of the tendon tissue and in strengthening the blood vessels through higher quality and elasticity. Silicon appears to continue to inhibit inflammation by increasing lymphocyte activity.

    The metabolism of silicon, which is regulated by corticoids, sex and thyroid hormones, changes the proportion and shape of silicon in the body, especially in old age. While the silicon is present in the tissue in colloidal solution in the youth and ensures suppleness, not only does the absorption capacity for silicon decrease in old age, but also its activity.

    In water-solubilized form, silicon is highly bioavailable and quickly metabolized in connective tissue, skin and horn. This allows the tissue to regenerate and the success is quickly “visible”.

    Solubilized silicon strengthens the health of bones, cartilage, tendons within the entire fascia tissue and thus protects the organism. A lack of silicon can lead to cartilage damage, tendon and ligament weakness. But growth disorders, skin diseases such as chronic eczema, itching, hair loss, brittle hooves, gum disease can also indicate a possible silicon deficiency.

  • What is beetroot?

    Beetroot is also known as beetroot, beetroot, cream or beetroot and is related to spinach. The red color owes the root vegetable to the pigment betanin, which is one of the secondary plant substances and lowers the risk factor homocysteine ​​for heart diseases. The beetroot provides vitamins A, C, B and folic acid. It also contains iodine, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus and iron. Also anthocyanins, which have a protective effect against cancer, and nitrate, which i.a. lowers blood pressure. All of their ingredients make the beetroot a miracle bulb.

    Because of the red juice, beetroot was considered a hematopoietic medicinal plant in earlier times. It is now known that it is not the dye, but iron and folic acid contained in vegetables that play a role in blood formation. Both the trace element iron and the B vitamin contribute to blood formation.

    Folic acid is very sensitive to heat and light. A large part of the vitamin can be obtained through the nutrient-friendly manufacturing process and later storage in the box.

    Regular consumption favors the formation of so-called mitochondria (cell power plants). The more mitochondria in the organism, the more efficient it becomes. Those who have more mitochondria in old age age more slowly and stay young. The miracle bulb thus ensures vitality, the more healthy mitochondria the organism has.

  • What is milk thistle?

    Milk thistle is a tried and tested medicinal plant that was already cultivated in German monastery gardens in the Middle Ages. Their active ingredient complex with silimarin and its derivative silibinin increase the liver's natural protective barrier against toxic substances and, in the case of existing poisoning, cause the formation and regeneration of liver cells and an inhibition of inflammation. Milk thistle can therefore be used for both acute and chronic liver problems.

    Milk thistle has a detoxifying effect by shielding the liver cells from cell toxins, regenerative for the liver cells, antioxidative and bile-promoting for fat digestion and also slightly laxative.

    Why feed milk thistle?
    Milk thistle can specifically support the body's detoxification mechanisms. In this way, the organism can react stronger to stressful environmental influences and consistently rid itself of pathogenic toxins through a well-functioning metabolism. Milk thistle in a water-soluble form is highly bioavailable and is therefore quickly available for liver metabolism.

  • What is artichoke?

    In addition to many vitamins and minerals, artichokes also contain the bitter substance "Cynarin", which stimulates the liver and bile, and cell-protecting plant substances. The active ingredients of artichokes promote digestion and detoxify. This mainly helps the stomach and intestines, liver and gallbladder, but is also good for the heart and circulation. Artichoke in a water-solubilized form is highly bioavailable and is quickly available to the metabolism.

    Like many plants, the artichoke is useful for several organs and bodily functions. For the stomach and intestines with nausea with or without vomiting as well as flatulence, stomach ache and loss of appetite. It stimulates the liver metabolism in times of increased stress, regenerates and strengthens liver diseases and accelerates, for example, the elimination of breakdown products (such as bile acids, bilirubin) from blood and urine.