Awaken body-strength

Well-being for humans and animals

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We face challenges every day. It takes a lot to cope with everything. The strength and energy to enjoy life are often lacking. We can imagine the inner workings of the body like a house. The body can come under pressure from today’s lifestyle, nutrition and stress.

We want to help people and animals cope with

  • maintaining their health

  • improving their quality of life

  • being healthy and full of energy throughout their lives and

  • being able to perform optimally

High quality products

We have carefully incorporated our philosophy into all our products:

  •   strengthen the inner body environment

  • well-being for body and mind

  • awaken the body’s strength

  • support acid-base metabolism

  • care for intestinal health

  • maintain cell protection and ATP production

The health experts.

The aim of the GladiatorPLUS health guides is to optimally combine the nutrients that are important for the body and mind and in doing so maintain the body’s strength naturally. Health guides, because

  • expert knowledge features in our products,

  • we can pass on the experience of experts to you and

  • we bring together the opinions of recognised experts.

We offer our customers free product advice. In addition, there is the opportunity for questions to be answered by our cooperating experts.

A telephone call to the team from GladiatorPLUS is not a substitute for a discussion or visit to your therapists.