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ZELLmilieu2 Dog 1.000ml

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  • Acid-base balance
  • Cell protection
  • discharge
  • Diversion
  • Deacidification GP214

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The base concentrate - as a supplement to GladiatorPLUS

To maintain the natural acid-base balance

Food supplements for dogs

ZELLmilieu 2 is a supplementary feed consisting of two optimally complementary components to support the healthy acid-base balance and the elimination.
Component 1: base liquid
Component 2: drainage powder with zeolite, montmorillonite, brown algae, zinc, sulfur and dandelion root

Maintain the good mood in the body

Unfortunately, sour inside the body doesn't make fun. On the contrary: Acid overload has a negative effect on the entire body milieu and thus on the basic mood of the body. Typical signs of acid overload can be poor performance, muscle tension, metabolic problems or even skin problems. The reasons for an increased acid production are often very everyday stresses, such as poor feeding, persistent stress and high physical challenges.

ZELLmilieu2 - two components that work hand in hand

Why does ZELL milieu 2 consist of two components? A balanced acid-base balance and a functioning drainage are basic requirements for health and vitality. Both are always closely related. The trick is to address as many processes as possible at the same time: neutralizing and releasing acids, binding and discharging pollutants. Base liquid and drainage powder work perfectly hand in hand here. Another specialty of ZELL milieu 2: The special composition of the drainage powder. With zeolite, montmorillonite, brown algae, zinc, sulfur and dandelion root, a multiple combination of proven healing earths, minerals and natural substances is also active here. An optimal combination for neutralization and drainage and thus optimal support of a basic mood in the body.


Composition of base liquid: Water (base ionized GladiatorPLUS Frequency Stabilizer®), minerals. Analytical components: Crude protein (0%), crude oils and fats (0%), crude ash (0.7%), crude fiber (0%), calcium (0.1%), phosphorus (0.1%), sodium (0.2%), moisture content (99%)

Composition of drainage powder: Brown algae, sulfur, dandelion root, additives: Binding agent: clinoptilolite sedimentary origin (1g568): 77%, montmorillonite illite (1g557): 10%, compounds of trace elements : Glycine zinc chelate hydrate (3b607) 40,000 mg / kg (corresponds to 10,400 mg zinc)

Analytical components: Crude protein (0.7%), crude oils and fats (0.8%), crude ash (82%), crude fiber (2%), calcium (2%) ), Phosphorus (0%), sodium (1%), moisture content (5%)


ZELLmilieu2 dog is available in the packaging units 1,000 ml + 60 g and 500 ml + 30 g.


80 days of intensive feeding with ZELLmilieu2 (1 - 2 times per year): Feed ZELLmilieu2 daily as intensive feeding for a total of 80 days .

The expert tip: We recommend feeding the ZELLmilieu2 base concentrate always in combination with the GladiatorPLUS milieu feeding. The GladiatorPLUS environment is the source of strength for the intestines, liver and immune system. The ZELLmilieu2 base concentrate the supporter for the acid-base balance and elimination. This combination has clearly proven itself and enables the best feeding results. Do not start the 80 days intensive feeding with ZELLmilieu2 until the 14th day after the start of the GladiatorPLUS intensive feeding.

Note on the feeding process: The base liquid ZELLmilieu2 is fed in one dose, ideally before movement. The daily amount is slowly added to the mouth with a mouth syringe or given with the normal feeding ration. In individual cases, a 1: 1 dilution with water can improve acceptance when administered with a syringe. The drainage powder ZELLmilieu2 is moistened and served over the normal feeding ration.

The recommended daily feeding amount for the base fluid is: Dog body weight in kg x 0.4 ml = daily amount (e.g. 15 kg dog x 0.4 ml = 6ml / day), max. 20ml / day.

For the discharge powder : body weight dog in kg x 0.04 g = daily amount (1 measuring spoon corresponds to 4 g), (e.g. 15kg dog = 0.6gr ( 600mg). Note on dosing the diversion powder for small dogs: 0.1 gr corresponds to 1 tip of a knife.

Step-by-step instructions:

It is important to follow the correct order when feeding the products.
First feed the ZELLmilieu2 base liquid and then GladiatorPLUS Milieufeeding and the ZELLmilieu2 drainage powder

How to proceed optimally:

1. First give your animal the ZELLmilieu2 base liquid. It is optimal and practical to use an oral syringe for this. If it is not possible to give the ZELLmilieu2 base liquid via the oral syringe, divide the feed ration into two portions and feed ZELLmilieu2 base liquid over the first half of the food.

2. Then feed half of the recommended daily amount of GladiatorPLUS Milieufeeding and the entire daily amount of ZELLmilieu2 drainage powder, well moistened, over the second half of the feed.

3. Wait at least 6-8 hours or more and feed the second half of the recommended daily amount of GladiatorPLUS Milieufeeding if you can organize the GladiatorPLUS feeding into 2 feed rations per day.

Other important notes:

  • The ZELLmilieu2 drainage powder is very finely ground and should therefore never be fed dry, but always well moistened.
  • The ZELLmilieu2 drainage powder must not be mixed with ZELLmilieu2 base liquid.
  • The ZELLmilieu2 base liquid must not be poured over a metal trough.
  • The taste of the ZELLmilieu2 base liquid may be unfamiliar to your animal at the beginning. Do not let yourself be discouraged by a possible initial resistance of your animal and dilute the ZELLmilieu2 base liquid with still water 1: 1.
  • It is also possible to sneak in the amount of ZELLmilieu2 base liquid and, for example, start with 5 ml mixed with 5 ml still water and then slowly increase the amount up to the recommended daily amount. Almost all animals get used to the taste after a short time and then gladly accept the alkaline liquid.

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