ZELLmilieu2 Animal

The supplement to GladiatorPLUS milieufeeding

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The base concentrate and the recovery powder

To maintain the natural acid-base balanc

  • for a natural acid-base balance
  • for deacidification
  • to support the metabolism
  • to support the diversion
  • to protect the cell

ZELLMilieu Tier

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Maintain the good mood in the animal's body

Unfortunately, acid inside the body does not make fun. On the contrary: Acid overload has a negative effect on the entire body and thus on the basic mood of the body.

Typical signs of acid overload can be poor performance, muscle tension, metabolic problems or skin problems. The reasons for increased acid production are often everyday loads, such as feeding errors, persistent stress and high physical challenges in training or at the tournament.

ZELLmilieu2 - two components that work hand in han

Why does ZELLmilieu2 consist of two components? A balanced acid-base balance and a functioning drain are basic requirements for health and vitality. Both are always closely related. The trick is to address all the necessary processes at the same time: neutralize and release acids, bind and remove pollutants. Alkaline liquid and discharge powder work optimally hand in hand. Another special feature of ZELLmilieu2: the special composition of the discharge powder. With zeolite, Montmorillonite, brown algae, zinc, sulfur and dandelion root, a multiple combination of proven healing earths, minerals and natural substances is also active here. An optimal combination for deacidification and drainage and thus optimal support of a basic mood in the animal's body.

The expert tip: We always recommend feeding ZELLmilieu2 in combination with GladiatorPLUS. GladiatorPLUS is the source of strength for the intestine, liver and immune system. ZELLmilieu2 the supporter for acid-base balance and drainage. This combination has proven itself well for milie feeding and enables the best feeding results.