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The milieufeeding for senior dogs

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Not countless different products, but an effective solution:

The GladiatorPLUS milieufeeding for senior dogs is a well thought-out feeding concept. The selected and specially prepared ingredients are designed to effectively maintain and support the organs that are important for health, the body milieu, the metabolism and the immune system of the senior dog. GladiatorPLUS provides precise impulses so that the organism can get the most out of its potential even under stress. The GladiatorPLUS milieufeeding is helping the body to help itself - for a senior dog that is able to keep itself healthy, vital and satisfied.

A highly effective and optimal bioavailable liquid feed supplement for:

  • Immune system
  • Liver and bowel care
  • Feed efficiency
  • Regeneration and motivation
  • Enjoyment of life


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The GladiatorPLUS milieufeeding for senior dogs

The intelligent feeding concept for lasting health and enjoyment of life.

The dog's body is awesome. In a complex interplay, he works every day to keep himself healthy and productive. He can do this better than any medication - if he is vital and unencumbered.

But senior citizens face challenges every day. Negative influences such as environmental pollution, stress and mistakes in feeding and keeping can strain the organism and unbalance the body milieu - nutrient supply and the body's own health are challenged.

The body milieu can be thought of as a backpack. Every living being carries it from birth. At some point the backpack will be full and even the slightest additional negative influence will make it too heavy and maybe tear it. The body feels the same, it can no longer compensate.

The solution: Helping body to help itself - with milieufeeding. The goal of milieufeeding is to help the body to empty the backpack again and again so as not to make it too heavy. The proven natural substances specifically support the organs that are important for health, so that the body of the old dog can keep itself healthy.

Milieufeeding simply explained in 90 sec.

Small amount - great value

How can we support your senior dog?

Nature as source of strength

Ingredients that the body would choose itself

strength from nature.

  • Ginseng


    • adaptogen
    • blood circulation
    • detoxification promoting
    • improves oxygen supply
    • accelerates regeneration
    • increases mental performance and attention
    • Immune stimulation and increased defense against infections
    • promotes cell-to-cell communication

    General nutritional characteristics

  • Propolis


    • antibacterial
    • antiviral
    • fungicide
    • immunostimulatory
    • soothing
    • anti-inflammatory
    • wound healing

    General nutritional characteristics

  • silica


    • important building block for skin, hair, connective tissue, bones and nails (hoof)
    • Strengthening the blood vessels

    General nutritional characteristics

  • artichoke


    • lowers blood lipid levels
    • protects the liver
    • has an anti-inflammatory effect
    • digestive effect

    General nutritional characteristics

  • Milk thistle

    Milk thistle

    • detoxifying by shielding the liver cells from cell toxins
    • regenerative for the liver cells
    • antioxidant
    • radical scavengers

    General nutritional characteristics

  • Beetroot


    • blood purifying effect
    • strengthens the immune system
    • activates cellular respiration
    • has a digestive effect

    General nutritional characteristics

„A lot rarely helps a lot because the combination decides on the effectiveness ...“
- Dr. Hans Martin Steingassner

Nature is an ingenious problem solver. It has a clear goal - to promote and preserve life. This power is in GladiatorPLUS. With propolis, ginseng, milk thistle, silica, beetroot and artichoke, GladiatorPLUS contains ingenious natural products of the highest quality, many times proven in practice. Another decisive factor is the combination of the special ingredients. This is well thought out down to the last detail and precisely dosed. GladiatorPLUS only contains what really makes sense. That is the best natural knowledge in a product.

Quality and guarantee

  • Swiss Formula
  • Natural Ingredients

100% tested and sustainable

GladiatorPLUS is produced in excellent food quality and is regularly checked by an independent institute.


What makes GladiatorPLUS unique

100% water soluble and highly bioavailable

The patented manufacturing process

Propolis, milk thistle and ginseng are not completely water-soluble in the "raw state" and therefore often remain ineffective in feeding. The patented GladiatorPLUS special process makes it possible to make these proven natural substances water-soluble and thus highly bioavailable. One speaks of a high bioavailability when ingredients go directly into the system and can be used by the body. It is not the amount of feeding that decides, but the amount that is absorbed by the body.

  • Das patentierte Herstellungsverfahren
  • Das patentierte Herstellungsverfahren



Use the GladiatorPLUS milieufeeding correctly


Lasting health does not happen by chance, it is the result of the best possible feeding and keeping. With the milieufeeding, GladiatorPLUS has developed a completely new feeding concept. The concept is based on the scientific knowledge that the body milieu influences all organs and processes of the organism. The goal of milieufeeding is to create optimal conditions here so that the animal's body can take itself to a new level.


Take health to a new level*

To hold this new level, switch to maintenance feeding immediately afterwards.

Maintain new health level permanently*

Sonnenpflege für Haut und Haar

Start 40-day intensive feeding with GladiatorPLUS now

To begin with: GladiatorPLUS is fed daily as a 40-day intensive feed when it is fed for the first time (or after a long break). The aim in this important phase is to set the organism and body milieu to a new level, to maintain intestinal health, to support the immune system and to accompany the natural body drainage. An extension of this phase is possible depending on the condition of your senior dog. Intensive feeding is the preparation for the subsequent maintenance feeding.

3 times a week permanent maintenance feeding with GladiatorPLUS

GladiatorPLUS is fed 3 times a week throughout the year. The maintenance feeding follows immediately after the 40-day intensive feeding and represents the actual and permanent GladiatorPLUS Millie feeding. The aim is to permanently maintain the new health level and the optimal condition of the inner body milieu with minimal impulses and to help the body to protect itself from the outside To optimize influences.

If necessary: ​​extension of intensive feeding.

We recommend extending intensive feeding by 10-40 days, especially for senior dogs with long-lasting and many health deficits. Ultimately, only one thing is decisive for an extension of intensive feeding: the condition of your senior dog after the first 40 days. You are welcome to use the individual telephone advice here to go the best possible way for your senior dog.

If necessary: ​​the stress feeding.

It is always useful when your senior dogs body has to withstand special loads. For example, when changing fur, after worming, antibiotic treatments or in times of great physical or psychological challenge. In the event of these one-time stresses, we recommend preparing the organism for 5 days and supporting it up to 5 days after the stress phase. When changing fur, 4-6 weeks of daily stress feeding turned out to be optimal.


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Feeding recommendation

The recommended daily feeding amount for senior dogs is: body weight in kg x 0.6 ml = daily amount and is ideally divided into two doses. Example: 30 kg dog twice a day 9 ml. GladiatorPLUS is added to the food and should be adapted to your senior dog individually and as required.

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