The all-in-one essence for your pet's super powers

The GladiatorPLUS milieu feeding is an All-in-one essence made from 8 premium natural substances that helps your pet to achieve more vitality, immune strength and joie de vivre in 40 days.


How would it be if you could keep your animal permanently healthy with one sip?

Sounds too good to be true? Not in the least, because carefully combined premium natural substances can support the body's own superpowers in such a way that the body can keep itself healthy and efficient. These superpowers, or self-healing powers, work around the clock for your pet. Your big heroes: intestine and liver, body milieu and cell. If these heroes are doing well, (almost) nothing can happen to your animal. The result: lasting health and real joie de vivre - without any side effects.

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"Helping people help themselves -
The milieu feeding sets
right here"


"A healthy dog ​​is too
Capable of amazing things


"The inner (body) mood
determines well-being."


"In fact, a lot is possible in 40 days with GladiatorPLUS."

More vitality, more immune power, more joie de vivre

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35 years of research
and best knowledge of nature stand behind GladiatorPLUS. The most important goal: products that support the body holistically.

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*Legal notice: GladiatorPLUS is a feed supplement. All statements and experience reports are the overall result of species-appropriate husbandry, needs-based feeding and a generally correct and loving treatment of your animal. GladiatorPLUS products can, through their ingredients, in combination with a healthy lifestyle, make an important nutritional contribution to animal health and reduce the risk of disease. The underlying research is as complex as the operating principle is simple: the general condition of an organism is of central importance. It protects the body from external influences and thus creates the prerequisites for lasting vitality, balance and willingness to perform.

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Become the best person for your animal

What to do if your animal falls ill? How can you help him immediately and in the long term? Only if we understand the body and the processes in the organism can we give our animals what they need. GladiatorPLUS works closely with veterinarians, alternative animal practitioners and professionals. In our health knowledge section, they have their say and pass on their knowledge to you.

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Nature as a source of power

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The power behind GladiatorPLUS

We do our best – so that the body can do the same.

At GladiatorPLUS, we have a clear stance. It is important to us that we enjoy being part of everything we do, that we always give 100% and stand behind what we do 100%.

We follow this attitude at every single step: from the selection of ingredients to production and advice to shipping to you.

We always have one clear goal in mind: to provide you with optimally thought-out products of the highest quality that have the greatest possible benefit for you and your pet.