GladiatorPLUS and Homeopathy in Practice

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Expert advice – Dr. Hans-Martin Steingassner

A poor starting position for the body makes healing more difficult

Tissues must be receptive to the information from the remedy for homeopathic treatment to work or so that a signal from acupuncture can be transmitted.  Patients arriving at a practice are increasingly less likely to present these conditions. Most are extremely stressed owing to incorrect nutrition; as a result of flavourings, preservatives, emulsifiers and other feed additives. There is also environmental pollution. The outcome: most patients have an accumulation of waste products and are chronically sick.

The gut is the centre and pivotal point of a healthy body

The gut, disruptions to the peristalsis, the ability to excrete toxins or unimpeded ability for resorption are always involved in a chronic illness. Chronic diseases hardly ever occur with an intact intestinal mucosa. This means that the body is not able to rid itself of many substances, which need to be excreted, and has to find somewhere to store them: if the gut is not working properly anymore, then the connective tissue has to serve as a depository. The body even increases its percentage of fat to create additional space for deposits. This leads to fatty tumours, polyps, myoma, cysts and even candida fungus is used as a depository.


Dr. Hans Martin Steingassner (veterinarian and textbook-writer)

Deficient excretion – the start of a vicious circle

A large number of obese animals are therefore toxic waste dumps. Approximately 70 percent of degenerative joint diseases originate from problems with excretion. There is more:  accumulation of waste products, excess weight, joint problems and therefore the accompanying aversion to exercise form an ever-increasing vicious circle. As a result because the skin then also has to assume part of the excretory function, allergies may also manifest themselves if there is genetic predisposition. The connective tissue is intended to help the cells exchange substances: blood vessels and nerves end here whilst the lymphatic vessels start here. The connective tissue is a molecular sieve and the largest organ in the body in its entirety. If this molecular sieve is blocked, nothing will happen any longer, including the information received from a homeopathic remedy. Despite the correct choice of homeopathic remedy, the expected success will not be achieved at all or only partially.

GladiatorPLUS – high quality ingredients to support the restoration of a healthy gut and revitalise through detoxification

Successful healing can actually only stop when the gut has been restored to a healthy condition and the connective tissue becomes pervious once again. In other words: until the gut is successfully restored to a healthy condition and the normal supply and excretion situation has been re-established, any attempts at treatment will be like banging your head against a brick wall. The high quality ingredients of GladiatorPLUS are a proven feed supplement. 

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