The power behind GladiatorPLUS

100% knowledge, research and passion

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We are the force behind GladiatorPLUS

A company is only as good as the people who work there. Every single employee is important. It is only through the dedication and joy of the gladiators that GladiatorPLUS becomes something special. It is only through them that we become real "health experts" with heart and mind. It has always been important to us to go our own way. From production, packaging and shipping to advice and communication, everything is still done internally at GladiatorPLUS. A conscious decision - to ensure that 100% of our knowledge, skills and passion are in all areas.

Together we are pursuing an important goal: knowledge and solutions for the health and quality of life of animals and humans.

„At GladiatorPLUS we only do things that we are 100% convinced of and that we are 100% good at.“