Susan Bär, horse osteopath and veterinary practitioner

What is special about milieufeeding for you?

"The healthy core of a horse primarily includes a healthy, strong body environment. I like to try to explain the inner milieu of my body to my customers through the image of their own living environment. Everyone knows it makes a big difference in what environment we live in. Everything that surrounds us affects our life. The milieu in which we grow up and live shapes us. The situation inside the horse's body is very similar. The organs and cells that live there are dependent on a "friendly environment" and can work worse in a "unfriendly environment", ie a poor body environment, and are more likely to become ill. For me, milieufeeding has become an important building block in horse feeding. It has a positive influence on all organs and their surroundings."

How does milieufeeding support osteopathic treatment?

"Let's take the fascia massage, for example. I am happy to give my customers various techniques that they can use alone. The massage releases toxins that have accumulated in the connective tissue and must be excreted by the body. The body can only do this if there are no organic “blockages”.

Milieufeeding optimally supports the body in this process. An ideal combination: the massage triggers processes from the outside and the milieu is fed from the inside."

- Susan Bär, horse osteopath and veterinary practitioner

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