- Birgit Wolf, breeder and veterinary practitioner

"I have been using the individual components such as propolis, milk thistle or ginseng in my practice for a long time, but the combination of natural substances in the milieu feeding is simply ingenious to support the animals in their overall health.

An example: My own Dalmatian dog suffered from severe keratitis for weeks, probably caused by a rabies vaccination. The cell structures of the upper corneal layer tore and caused considerable pain. During the therapy, she received the GladiatorPLUS milie feeding for support. Despite the considerable impairment caused by her eyes, she became more and more cheerful, animated to play and was so full of energy that cycling with her became a "leisure risk". The fur shone wonderfully and the hair was practically switched off. In the meantime the eyes have healed and she continues to receive the GladiatorPLUS milie feeding as a maintenance feed. "

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