Anja Mertens, YouTuber

"My name is Anja Mertens, I am 31 years old and I come from Cologne. I currently own a total of seven horses, including four young stallions that I keep for breeding on a pasture with shelters. There are two of them, Da Vinci and Quickstep, who were both born in May 2016, so they will be three years old this year. Last spring, when they were barely two years old, the two of them really worried me. They just didn't look as good from the feeding state as the other two, although all four in the pasture are additionally provided with 24 hours of hay feeding and I didn't change anything else in the feeding. In addition, the fur did not look good either, it was rather dull and had bald spots here and there. Sure, you can say that a lot of horses are not beauties at this age, but I didn't think it was as though you could blame them on growing up, but rather that the two were missing something.

I had lost my old mare, Da Vinci's grandmother, not so long ago because her age and body made her body and immune system less strong and resilient. Despite regular deworming, she could no longer assert herself against the parasites in her body, which is why I ultimately had to put her to sleep. I did not want to experience this situation a second time and to strengthen the young stallions' immune system early enough so that they could help themselves. As if by chance I came across GladiatorPLUS on the internet, and since I liked the philosophy and the natural ingredients, I had the impression that this could be exactly the right thing for my current problem.

How did the horses change as a result of the milieufeeding?

I did the 40-day intensive cure, the entry into milieufeeding, with Quickstep and Da Vinci. The fur changed significantly, it began to shine again, the dull sight and the bald spots disappeared. You have regained weight and looked significantly healthier. In addition, for my impression, they were more alert and vital than before. I was very happy and was a confirmation that I did everything right. Horses in growth do not yet have the same immune system as full-grown horses, so it makes a lot of sense to support their bodies in this phase. I will continue to do so because the next young horses are already in the starting blocks."

- Anja Mertens, YouTuber

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