Feeding recommendation for birds

Use the GladiatorPLUS milieufeeding correctly.

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Take health to a new level*

To hold this new level, switch to maintenance feeding immediately afterwards.

40-day intensive feeding with GladiatorPLUS Bird

To begin with: GladiatorPLUS is fed daily as a 40-day intensive feed when it is fed for the first time (or after a long break). The aim in this important phase is to set the organism and body milieu to a new level, to maintain intestinal health, to support the immune system and to accompany the natural body drainage. An extension of this phase is possible depending on the condition of your bird. Intensive feeding is the preparation for the subsequent maintenance feeding

Maintain the new health level permanently*

Sonnenpflege für Haut und Haar

3x per week permanent maintenance feeding with GladiatorPLUS Bird

Subsequently: GladiatorPLUS is fed 3 times a week for the whole year. The maintenance feeding follows immediately after the 40-day intensive feeding and represents the actual and permanent GladiatorPLUS Millieu Feeding. The aim is to permanently maintain the new health level and the optimal condition of the inner body milieu with minimal impulses and to help the body to protect itself from the outside to optimize influences.

If necessary: ​​extension of intensive feeding.

We recommend extending intensive feeding by 10-40 days, especially for birds with long-lasting and many health deficits. Ultimately, only one thing is decisive for an extension of intensive feeding: the condition of your bird after the first 40 days. You are welcome to use the individual telephone advice here to go the best possible way for your bird.

If necessary: ​​the stress feeding.

It is always useful when your bird's body has to withstand special loads. For example, when changing fur, after worming, antibiotic treatments or in times of great physical or psychological challenge. In the event of these one-time stresses, we recommend preparing the organism for 5 days and supporting it up to 5 days after the stress phase. When changing fur, 4-6 weeks of daily stress feeding turned out to be optimal.

The GladiatorPLUS feeding recommendation for birds / pigeons / falcons

Learn more about the calculation of the feeding amount

Feeding recommendation for birds / pigeons:

1.5 ml per 100 ml of drinking water.

The daily amount of water a bird can drink is usually around 80ml per 1kg of body weight.

Example calculation: Mix 24 drops = 1.2 ml per KG body weight with 100 ml water and put Vogel in the drinking bottle. A bird with a body weight of 250 g has a daily drinking amount of approx. 20 ml. If double the daily drinking amount of 40 ml is provided, this contains 0.6 ml GladiatorPLUS. In order to have a practicable solution here, we always recommend preparing an appropriate premix with GladiatorPLUS of, for example, 200 ml drinking water and 3 ml GladiatorPLUS.

Feeding recommendation for falcons / birds of prey:

The recommended daily feeding amount for falcons / birds of prey is 1-15 drops, depending on their size and how they are kept. At the beginning GladiatorPLUS is added drop by drop over the food (etching) and should be individually adapted to your bird as required.

For birds that are kept in cages, we recommend GladiatorPLUS a maximum of twice a year as intensive feeding.

Pipette bottle: 1/3 of the pipette corresponds to approx. 20 drops = approx. 1ml. No direct feeding with the glass pipette.